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Ruby,  CH SeeMy's Ruby Rides Alone  DOB 07-01-06

Ruby is out of Ch Wannabee Biker Boy (callname Harley) and out of my Sasha, INTL Ch , UKC GrCh Sirrah SeeMy Sasha.
ruby nursing
Ruby nursing on Sasha.
dinah 8 weeks
This is Ruby at 1 week old.
in the tub
This is Ruby at 3 days old checking out a UKC mug, preparing for a dog show career already.
This is Ruby, just hatched.
ruby first toyruby first solid food
Ruby with her first toy and first solid food meal.
ruby laying down
Ruby at about 5 weeks old, trying to get the cat to play with her.
ruby in toy
Ruby plays with two toys at the same time.
ruby walks on calvin
Ruby walks on the Whippet Calvin at 9 weeks old.
ruby ears
Mom, when can I get these silly ears cropped?
ruby halloween tongue
Ruby is dressed in her Dogzilla Halloween costume.  Pbbb-t!
ruby with cropped ears
Ruby with newly-cropped ears.  They have been taped up and wrapped so they can heal.  She is wearing a clown collar made of duct tape.  Sean makes these out of a dog collar and duct tape to keep the puppy from scratching the ear area.  Without this guard, it would take a puppy just a few minutes to un-do the ear wrappings.
ruby with rawhide
Ruby with a rawhide.  The ears are healing fast and now have less tape and supports on them.  Looking good.
ruby stacked
Ruby stacked at 4 months old.
ruby stacked Ruby at a dog show.

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