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Miniature Pinschers & Whippets

MARY ANN'S EMBROIDERY PROJECTS                 Specializing in customizing your dog showing clothes! 

jj A dog head is cute sticking  out of a pocket.  I will make items like this to order.   Pick your breed.
hh Detail of the example dog head.  This one is a Miniature Pinscher which was embroidered on a sweater.
hh Breed towels.  Pick your breed and have a silhouette embroidered on your bathroom towels.  Looks great on grooming table towels as well.
hh Your initials on a shirt.   Or have a kennel logo put on a shirt.
hh Dog supply bags.  Travel in style with your name or logo embroidered on a nylon bag in bold colors.
hh Another dog logo bag.  Looks great for dog shows when you arrive with your kennel logo on your equipment.
hh Running dogs on a skort.   This example has whippets lure coursing around the bottom hem.
hh A closeup of the running dogs.   Pick a favorite breed and email me.
hh Wraparound skort with show dogs.  These dogs are simple outlines that look great.
hh Detailed view of the dogs embroidered on the skort.
hh Skirt with an elegant breed silhouette.
hh Detail of the whippet silhouette in this example.
hh Matching sweater and skirt set in contrasting colors.  Both have a dog breed silhouette on them.
hh Detail of the dog breed silhouettes.   Pick a breed.
hh This is a 2-color logo which is raised in the center.  The logo is on a shirt pocket.
hh Closeup view of the example shirt pocket.   Use a logo of your choosing.
hh Cute sweatshirt with a Halloween theme. 
hh This is an embroidered cow head on a kitchen towel.   The design resembles cross-stitching.
bag Nylon kennel equipment bag with the name of the kennel and some breed heads.
You decide what you want embroidered.   I can do it.
These are only examples of the ideas that can be made into nice looking embroidered clothing.   Either you supply the clothing item to be embroidered, or I can supply it. This is custom embroidery.   So email and ask what ideas could apply to your show breed.   Let's get creative!

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