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Jack, 1994 - 2001

Jack was a one of a kind dog. I had originally got him as a show dog.  He did not turn out for show but all 10 1/4 inches of him left a huge hole in my heart. Jack did go on to earn his CD in obedience, and had one leg toward his open title. He was a therapy dog that went into hospitals and schools to comfort and educate. And he did it so well. He made friends wherever he went.
 This is Jack. His full name is Sidram's Jumping Jack Daniels. He was born in 1994. This little dog knows no limits! He approaches all people and animals as though he were a large dog. He is shown here pumping wood! Little Jack competes in dog obedience shows. So far he has earned a CD title. 
 This is the day we picked Jack out of the litter at the breeder. He was the smallest of the group. Jack is pictured on the right. Barely a handful of dog! He started life at the kennel of Jim Mardis who bred Sidram's Miniature Pinschers in Muncie, Indiana. (Sidram is "Mardis" spelled backwards) Miniature Pinschers are known for their "hackney" gait. When they walk, their front legs go forewards and up high. 
 Halloween at the Muncie Obedience Training Club. Jack dressed up as a little 5 pound horse. He was cute! This little dog loved all the extra attention he got that night. His white blaze was made with a dab of white water soluble Halloween face paint. His black hooves are made with black face paint.
The next day we were surprised to see Jack on the front page of the Muncie Evening Press! His leather saddle was originally made to fit a barbie doll- sized horse. The horse blanket under the saddle is a little square of sheepskin glued to a piece of a plastic cup. His "tail" is attached to the rear of the saddle with a coat hanger wire. Jack did not mind wearing his horse costume at all. Here's a video of Jack as a horse at the Marion Obedience club halloween party.
This is Jack posing in the sun for his TDI ID picture. TDI stands for Therapy Dogs International. He is certified to go on nursing home and hospital visits. He usually goes into schools. 
 Is this dog cute or what? 

This is Jack with a big Doberman named Toby.   Jack and Toby share a happy moment in the sun.  C'mon, let's play!  Best buddies.

jack cd
This is Jack when he earned his CD.
 Miniature Pinschers and Mastiffs practice their obedience skills. Here they are all sitting.
VIDEO  jackobedience.avi (no sound) Jack doing obedience at the Marion Kennel Club

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