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Boomer,  INT CH, UCH, Ch Wannabee's SeeMy Fireworks   DOB12-28-98   DOD 09-2002

Boomer came to us from my good friend and mentor, Carole Rerko, of Wannabee Miniature Pinschers. He was my first true conformation dog and he taught me so much. He was such a wonderful dog. He really liked to show and to show off. He is truly missed, he left us way too soon. But Boomer did leave me with his son Nitro, who I believe has done him proud.

Boomer in the Dixie Cup stage. His registered name is Wannabees SeeMy Fireworks.
Boomer and his litter mates are cute. They had cups on their heads to hold their newly-cropped ears upright. He is the one sitting in the middle.
This is Boomer with Mary Ann.
Boomer looks out the window.  It seems like these dogs are always trying to plan an elaborate escape.
This portrait shows Boomer at 9.5 months of age.
This is Boomer's dad. His name is Champion Wannabee Rockets Red Glare. He is shown here with Boomer's breeder, Carole Rerko. Her kennel name is Wannabee Miniature Pinschers. Their web page is at 
Boomer's mom. Her name is Champion Sunbrook War Bonnet. The handler in the picture is Linda Stephens. Check out Boomer's pedigree here.
Boomer wins at Urbana Ohio. He won "Winner's Dog" under judge Ed Bivin for his 2nd point toward his championship.
These were taken by a professional photographer Cheryl Ertelt.
These are people from the Anderson Obedience Club. We all won Best Of Breed on the same day. One the left is Christina and her Cattle Dog Leader, Sue and her Toy Manchester Abigail, Mary Ann and Boomer, and Val and her Irish Wolfhound Casey.
November, 2000. Boomer winning his International Championship in Paducah, Kentucky.
Boomer winning his first major in August 2000. He then won his championship in November 2000 at Fort Wayne Indiana.
boomer runs Boomer is running at a lure coursing practice.  He ran with enthusiasm, chasing the lure.
boomer catches the bait An action photo!  At the end of the course, Boomer caught up with the plastic bag bait.  Seems he wanted to make a meal of it.

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