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PatchUCH SeeMy N Templar In It To Win It  SC       DOB 6-12-2007

Patch is by Calvin and out of CH Tattershall Time'N Again (Spice)  

patch nursing
Spice with her new litter
patch newborn
Patch as a newborn, how cute is he?
patch 8 weeks
Patch at 8 weeks, sleeping with his sibling.
Patch first day
Patch at 10 weeks. This was the first day I brought him home. He is playing with his sire, Calvin and Min Pin Dinah.
Patch 4 months
Patch stacked at 4 months.
Patch on couch
How cute is this puppy?  He has just the sweetest face. But don't let  his look fool you, he has an ornery streak.
Patch batman pj's
Here is Patch in his first pajamas. He makes a great Batman, don't you think,
patch and calvin
Patch cuddles with his dad Calvin.
patch portrait

This portrait was taken by Tom Weigard of "The Winning Image"
Patch coat
Here is Patch in a custom made coat that I made for him. If you are interested in a custom made coat for your hound, please send me an email.

Patch BOS

This was Patch's first show at 6 months old. I was very impressed that he did so well.
Patch JC
Here he is running for his Coursing JC.
Patch with pups
How sweet and gentle. He is playing with 7 week old Min Pin puppies. They think they have gotten the best of him. LOL
Patch head
I am a little biased but I think this is a wonderful photo. It was taken at a Lure Coursing meet in Knightstown Indiana.
Patch coursing
Coming in for the kill.
Patch coursing A nice self stacked photo.

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